This page lists the breaking changes that came with each API version change. This page doesn’t list non-breaking changes, such as fields or endpoints being added.

API clients must send a header called Accept with a value in the format application/vnd.citymunch.v123+json, where 123 represents what version your client supports.

New API clients must be built using the latest API version.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v19+json

Changes made to internal APIs only.

The field isVerificationRequired within consumer sub-groups has been changed to an enum field, verificationMethod. Valid values at the moment are NONE and CLICK_EMAILED_LINK.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v18+json

The field walkingDistance has been renamed to travelDistance.

The endpoint GET /restaurants/walking-distances has been deprecated and replaced by GET /restaurants/travel-distances.

Instead of seeing how long it takes to walk to a restaurant, users can now choose to get travel time by driving, or simply see the distance in kilometers or miles. This is set in the user field travelMode, and defaults to WALKING_TIME.

The offer status SUSPENDED has been merged into DELETED.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v17+json

Changes made to internal APIs only.

The restaurant field isPremium has been renamed to isAllowedToSetExclusions.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v16+json

Changes made to internal APIs only.

A short code type MARKETING has been added. In API versions 15 and below, these will be serialized as the almost-identical type CONSUMER.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v15+json

The (optional) field itemName in offers has been split into two fields, shortItemName and longItemName. The short name has max 12 characters and the long name has max 20 characters. In API versions 14 and below, the shortItemName will continue to be serialized as itemName, and longItemName will not be serialized.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v14+json

Changes made to internal APIs only.

The field nextStepDownToday has been changed to a map called nextStepDowns.

Accept: application/vnd.citymunch.v13+json

Changes made to internal APIs only.

CONSUMER_GROUP code types are now CONSUMER_SUB_GROUP. In API v12 and below, the type will continue to be serialized as CONSUMER_GROUP.

Consumer groups changed to be parents of new “consumer sub-groups”.