Welcome to the CityMunch Partner Site

The CityMunch API lets you access hundreds of discounts at top restaurants, food trucks and delis. We connect your users with 300 places in London, Bristol and Manchester, offering them simple money-off vouchers which they redeem on arrival.

Our platform allows you and the restaurants to choose each other. As long as their consumer offer fits whatever requirements you have, they can chop and change their offer profile in real time, giving them flexibility and allowing us to offer your users access to a great selection of places.

See the getting started guide to learn how to get up and running.

Want to see it in action? Download our iOS or Android app and see for yourself.

Want to see some example code of how you can implement a CityMunch partnership? Check out our open source Slack bot, which uses the very same APIs partners do!

Not a developer? You might have found this page by accident. If you are a partner, click here. If you are a merchant, click here. If you are looking for food deals, our marketing site is at citymunchapp.com.